The Importance of using the Correct Horse Scales

If you own horses, whether for riding, or as work horses in your stables, then you will be aware of the importance of many factors, one being the necessity to weigh your horse regularly with the best horse scales. Owning equine animals is something that many only dream of, horses being extremely valuable commodities that should be treated with the utmost care and respect.

If you are a horse owner, you would not dream of riding your animal or entering her in any type of competition without the correct insurance. Well, the same applies to equine scales; they are a vital component of the health and fitness of your animal, and most especially when you keep foals, you need to carefully monitor their height and weight gain just as you would with a child.

Scales and weighing apparatus for equine animals are often known as horse weighbridges, the design being more like that of a traditional weighbridge than something that we would find in the bathroom. The use of such weighing techniques is extremely important throughout the life of your equine animals, and is most important in infancy as well as in pregnant mares.

Horse scales are of course also required before giving any type of anesthetic to your animal, or any other administered dose of medication that depends on the weight of the animal. A good equine weighbridge is quite simple to use, and fortunately does not rely on the horse being stationary in order to achieve an accurate reading.

There is a wide range of horse scales available on the market depending on your specific needs and requirements. Some are transportable whilst other are designed for a permanent installation in your home or farm yard. The ideal equine scales are always both waterproof and sand proof and will allow you to weight your animal without causing it any distress and simply by gently leading her onto the weighbridge.

For a complete horse scales solution, 3 components are needed:

- Weigh scale indicator: The Tru-Test EziWeigh5 is a good entry level indicator for viewing the horse's weight.

- Load bars: The Tru-Test Multipurpose 800 load bars are placed under the platform, and the indicator is plugged into the load bars to relay the horse's weight to the indicator.

The EziWeigh5 and MP600 load bars are available as the Tru-Test EziWeigh5 System combo.

- Platform: The Tru-Test Diamond Series 800 Platform is made of aluminum and measures 34" x 89" x 3". A 1/2 inch rubber mat can be added for an additional charge - this helps provide smoother footing for your horses.

* This horse scale equipment is available through our sister site, the Cattle Scales store

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